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Q1. Let v1 be the frequency of the series limit of the Lyman series v2 be the frequency of the first line of the Lyman series v3 be the frequency of the series limit of the Balmer series, then-

(a) v3 =`1/2`   (v1 - v2)

(b) v2 - v1 = v3

(c) v1 - v2 = v3

(d) v1 + v2 = v3

Q2. Number of  `alpha`-H in alkene which is major product in this reaction is -

Q3. When an isolated geseous cation X+(g) is converted into X-(g) anion, the electronegativity value of the atom X on pauling's scale.

Q4. Unknown sample (A) on heating swells up first  and aqueous solution of (A) given white ppt. with NaOH which becomes soluble with excess of NaOH addition-

Q5. At 675 K, H2(g) and CO2(g) react form CO(g) and H2O(g), Kp for the reaction is 0.16. If a heated at 675K, mole% of CO(g) in equilibrium mixture is -

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