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Q1. In a triangle ABC, angle A is greater than angle B. If the measurese of angle A and B satisfy the equation 3 sinx - 4sin3 x- k = 0, 0 < k < 1, then the measure of angle C is

(a) `pi/3`

(b) `Pi``Pi/2`

(b) `(2Pi)/3`

(d) `(5Pi)/6`

Q2. If `alpha` ,`beta`   are roots of x2 + px + q = 0 and `alpha` 4 ,`beta` 4 are the roots of x2 - rx + s = 0, then the equation x2 - 4qx + 2q2 - r = 0 has always

Q3. If x and y are positive integers, then xCr + xCr-1 yC1 + xCr-2 yC2 +.... +yCr =

Q4. `int_0^2` ([x]2 - [x2])dx is equal to

Q5. A coin is tossed m + n times, m > n, then the chance of getting atleast m consecutive heads is

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