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Q1. A line AB in three -dimensional space makes angles 45o and 120o with the positive x-axis and the positive ya-axis respectively. If AB makes an acute angle `Theta`  with the positive z-axis, then `theta`   equals 

(a) 30o

(b) 45o

(c) 60o

(d) 75o

Q2. If a line in the space makes angle`NN,beta,gamma`  ,  , and  with the coordinates axes, then cos 2`alpha`  + cos2 `beta`   + cos2`gamma`  + sin2  `alpha` + sin2  `beta` + sin2 `gamma` equals 

Q3. A point on XOZ plane divides the join of (5, -3, -2) and (1, 2, -2) at 

Q4. If a line makes angles `alpha` , `beta`  ,`gamma` with the coordinates axes then 

Q5. The perpendicular distance of the point (6, 5, 8) y-axis is 

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