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Q1. If angle between two radii of a circle is 130o, the angle between the tangent at the ends of the radii is: 

(a) 90o

(b) 50o


(d) 40

Q2.If radii of two concentric circles are 4 cm and 5 cm, then the length of each chord of one circle which is tangent to the other circle is: 

Q3.At one end a of a diameter AB of a circle of radius 5 cm, tangent XAY is drawn to the circle. The length of the chord CD parallel to XY and at a distance 8 cm from A is: 

Q4.From a point P which is at a distance of 13 cm from the centre O of a circle of radius 5 cm, the pair of tangents PQ and PR to the circle are drawn. Then the area of the quadrilateral PQOR is: 

Q5. If two tangents inclined at an angle of 60o are drawn to a circle of radius 3 cm, then length of each tangent is equal to: 

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