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Q1. The distance between the points (cos`theta` , sin`theta` )and (sin`theta` - cos`Theta` ) is 

(a) `sqrt(3)`


(c) 2

(d) 1

Q2. The distance between the points (a cos 35o, 0) and (0, a cos 65o) is 

Q3. If x is a positive integer such that the distance between points P(x, 2) and Q(3, -6) is 10 units, then x = 

Q4. If the distance between the point (4, p) and (1, 0) is 5, then p = 

Q5. A line segment is of length 10 units. If the coordinates of its one and end are (2, -3) and the abscissa of the other end is 10, then its ordinate is 

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