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Q1. The diameter of a sphere is 6 cm. It is melted and drawn into a wire of diameter 2mm. The length of the wire is 

(a) 12 m 

(b) 18 m 

(c) 36 m 

(d) 66 m 

Q2. A metallic sphere of radius 10.5 is melted and then recast into small cones, each of radius 3.5 cm and height 3 cm. The number of such cones is 

Q3. A solid is hemispherical at the bottom and conical above. If the surface areas of the two parts are equal, then the ratio of its radius and the height of its conical part is 

Q4. A solid sphere of radius r is melted and cast into the shape of a solid cone of height r, the radius of the base of the cone is 

Q5. the material of a cone is converted into the shape of a cylinder of equal radius. If height of the cylinder is 5 cm, then height of the cone is 

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