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Q1. A gold coin has a charge of + 10-4 C. The number of electrons removed from it is 

(a) 106

(b) 625 `xx` 1010

(c) 1.6 `xx`  10-25 

(d) 1.6 `xx`  10-13

Q2. A small sphere of mass m and electric charge q1 is suspended by a light thread. A second sphere carrying a charge q2 is placed directly below the first sphere at a distance 'd' away. Then   

Q3. If a copper wire is stretched to make its radius decrease by 0.1%, then the percentage increase in its resistance is approximately 

Q4. When a charged particle is acted on only by a magnetic force, its 

Q5. A positively charged particle projected towards east is deflected towards north by a magnetic field. The field may be 

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